About Us

The Nikean Foundation is one of the world’s leading charities funding clinical research and educational programming focused on the advancement of psychedelic medicine for mental health. To date, we have used our resources to support psychedelic science and clinical deployment by creating Canada’s first Psychedelic Psychotherapy Research Centre and by committing significant contributions to aid in the success of the most prominent international organizations advancing psychedelic access.

Today, we turn our attention to storytelling, by building an education platform designed to create new meaning for those exploring psychedelic experiences. We recognize the need to transition from proving efficacy to providing education. It’s time to merge the research with personal experiences and impart guidance so that we can collectively create a new narrative of what it means to transform.

We are all powerful storytellers with unique tales to tell. We must step out and share them widely because when we transform out loud, we prevent others from suffering in silence.


At Nikean we operate from a culturally responsive, socially just lens. We approach this work with humility and the understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ experience. While preferences may vary, we believe the standards for safety and efficacy remain the same.

As an organization, we commit to ongoing personal and professional development regarding ethics and integrity in this space. We are in constant reflection of our own intentions, identities, backgrounds, lived experiences, and their intersections.

We commit to on-going self-inquiry to ensure that motivations are community serving and acted out for the greater good. If an issue is outside of our scope of competency, we seek external guidance from community members, colleagues and mentors who hold expertise on the matter.

We adhere to industry and community ethics and standards that are shared and respected in this space. We commit to working with Open Science partners who share those values and their knowledge for the greater good.

Meet Our Team


Tech entrepreneur and author, Sanjay is best known for founding and selling He is president of the Aquanta Group, the managing partner for 500 Startups Canada, an angel investor, and an active philanthropist. Recently, Sanjay has been working on perfecting the service industry with the opening of his first lounge in Toronto, ON — Coffee Oysters Champagne — developing new technologies that help elevate the customer experience. In early 2019, Sanjay established the Nikean Foundation with hopes of promoting psychedelic science and bringing to the forefront novel medicines for mental health disorders.

Sanjay Singhal

Founder & Executive Director

After graduating from the University of Toronto, her travels found her in South America where she first discovered the therapeutic potential of plant medicines and gained a deep interest in how these consciousness-expanding tools unlocked paths for self healing and personal exploration. She attributes her holistic well being and control over her mental health to the integration of psychedelics and mindfulness practices, and has been an advocate for the medicines for well over a decade. Today, with a background in communications and operations management, she is honoured to be working with impactful organizations as a collective to propel psychedelic science into the forefront for mental health care. While working at becoming a psychotherapist, she is committed to empowering others to heal themselves and take their mental health back into their own hands.

Linda Medeiros

Chief Operating Officer & Board Member


As Usona’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tura’s background includes 30 years of experience in international economic and commercial relations, including business development and strategic planning in life sciences and high tech industries. Her interests have always focused on applying sustainable business practices to create innovative solutions and positive impact through collaboration and partnerships in a way that cannot be accomplished by traditional models of development. Tura has been passionate about the potential of psychedelic research as a means for healing mental illness in our society today and views organizations like the Nikean Foundation and Usona Institute as the catalyst for a new paradigm in drug development and delivery of care.

Tura Patterson

Board Member

Neeraj is a serial entrepreneur and investor. His first company was named one of Profit Magazine’s fastest growing companies for three years in a row during his tenure. Subsequently, Neeraj invested in healthcare and IT startups including several in the psychedelic space. An electrical engineer by training, Neeraj started his career in aerospace and high-tech. He also holds an MBA with a focus on finance from Rotman School of Management. Neeraj is passionate about health (mental and physical), longevity and science-based interventions. He has served as a board member for several non-profits and charities. He loves adventure; he has flown a helicopter, sand-tobogganed down an active volcano, participated in Burning Man and climbed Machu Picchu. He believes in constantly exploring and learning.

Neeraj Jain

Board Member

Neeraj Jain

Kristine is the executive assistant to founder Sanjay Singhal, and is grateful to be able to blend her administrative role with her keen interest in psychedelic science and access. With a background in theatre and live event production, she is excited to contribute her efforts and unique skills into rebuilding the framework for mental health.

Kristine Harding

Foundation Assistant