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Transform Out Loud

Join the Psychedelic Storytelling Project and share your transformation journey with the world!

Set, Setting, Story...

At the Nikean Foundation, we believe that sharing stories of transformation can be our most impactful evolutionary tool for expanding psychedelic access and for becoming more connected as a society. When we openly and honestly share the meaning of our experiences with those who are curious, we provide hope that growth and healing may be possible for them too. Join us on our mission to build a more connected world through the creation, collection and sharing of transformative psychedelic experiences.

The Psychedelic Storytelling Project

Many people seeking a meaningful psychedelic experience feel disconnected and lost, not knowing what to do next. The Psychedelic Storytelling Project provides you with a platform to…


Add your journey to a collection of stories that promote the potential psychedelics have to change our lives.


Gain a new understanding of what it means to be connected to yourself, others and the environment.


Use tools to empower yourself to take safe and effective steps on your next transformation journey.

We are all powerful storytellers with unique tales to tell. We must step out and share them widely because when we transform out loud, we prevent others from suffering in silence.

Join The Psychedelic Storytelling Project

The Psychedelic Storytelling Project is designed to educate people exploring the benefits and risks of psychedelics by connecting them with personal stories of psychedelic transformation and by providing safe and effective next steps to creating their own meaningful experiences.

Join members of the global psychedelic community and help us harness the intimate power of Psychedelic Storytelling as we weave together a new narrative of what healing and transformation means for the world.

Submit your story to our Story Finding team as part of the first phase of the Psychedelic Storytelling Project where we’re capturing a diverse collection of transformation stories from individuals around the world.

“Plants do not write stories; plants create their own stories simply in the process of living. Humans write stories about their relationships with plants and they are reflections of their interactions with them.”
— Dennis McKenna
“To tell the story breaks the spell.”
— Rick Doblin
“One story creates an opening for another.”
— Michael Pollan
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