“Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology or the telescope is for astronomy.”

— Stanislav Grof, M.D.
We believe psychedelic science can help drive social and systematic change as part of a transformational approach to managing mental health care. We want to empower people to begin to heal themselves and see a future where these medicines can be used alongside other modalities to support mental health and addiction recovery.
Nikean Foundation devotes its resources to programs that advance psychedelic science in hopes that we can build better tools for mental health care. We commit to working with open science partners to promote research and education in support of the beneficial use of psychedelics.
The name Nikean can be translated into “citizen of the city of victory.” It originates from the name of founder Sanjay Singhal’s biggest entrepreneurial failure 25 years ago — now he is taking the opportunity to transform that failure into success. The inspiration for the Foundation draws from personal struggles with family members suffering from mental health disorders and a search for better healing tools.